What is inside of you? – I 

Oh, I’ve never had a boyfriend
And no, I’ve never been kissed –
Yet to ‘Everyman’, I seem to lose myself a bit.
Searching for a love that can make me complete,
Even though in me I have the one that none can defeat.
I’m searching for a touch so warm and strong
And yes, I know my hands were made to lift –
So I say: I’m good, I’m not looking, I’m not searching,
I’m content.

But, my mind is racing with thoughts that I should not have
Memories of experiences flooding my mind that I have not had –
Longing for someone to confine in.
I tell myself “In me is the comforter”
Still I scroll through whatsapp, scan through snapchat
To find something, to find someone, to feel anything –
Whilst confessing that I’m not moved by my feelings,
Yet, here I am, entertaining these ‘demons’…


Written by Anon. 

SSAW note – 
The person has chosen to be anonymous for now, but I love this first part of the poem as I think it describes the feelings and thoughts of a lot of youth today, especially those in Christ. We know who we have, and we talk right, we just have to remember to act on The Word too. 


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